Distillation Process

How It's Made

1. Harvesting

The first step is to harvest the grapes from Goose Ridge vines and put them into a press.

2. Fermentation

The pressed grapes ferment until the wine is considered ‘dry’, about 12-15 perfect alcohol.

3. Distillation

After fermentation we pump wine directly into the still. This process includes separation of alcohol from the wine while distilling through two 25-foot columns with 24 copper plates.

4. Botanicals

After distilling each batch to over 190 proof, we macerate hand selected botanicals (juniper, coriander, licorice root, angelica, orange zest, and black lime) for up to 48hours.

5. Copper Pot Distilled

At the peak of maceration botanicals are separated from mixture and are double pot distilled separating all non-essential oils and selecting only the most flavorful botanicals.

6. Hand Made

After double distillation we chill filter and blend using pure water to showcase the essence of the botanicals. This new age gin is hand bottled at a slightly higher abv to assure a bright full-flavored spirit.