Feather & Folly


Our gin is rooted in reality yet reaches for the fantastical—and offers an experience that captures the playful, curious spirit within us all.

The Start

Feather & Folly Gin is rooted in reality yet reaches for the fantastical. It all starts with our 100% estate grown and sustainably farmed wine grapes from our Goose Ridge Vineyards in eastern Washington, where a balanced and sustainable ecosystem relies upon the predatory birds, insects, and snakes to co-exist, ensuring a thriving, nutrient-rich environment for the vines. This unique interaction among the wildflowers and cover crops resembles a well-choreographed dance celebrated by Feather & Folly.

Copper Pot Distilled

Our proprietary batch 5 recipe offers a soaring and seductive gin experience. Feather & Folly Gin is copper pot distilled from Goose Ridge Cabernet Sauvignon wine grapes and infused with six unique botanicals in our distillery. The backbone of the blend comes from local Washington juniper berries combined with Angelica, black lime, coriander, licorice root and orange zest thoughtfully sourced from around the world.

Sustainable Ecosystem

The striking Feather & Folly design reflects the interconnection of life in the vineyards. Each element is a part of a sustainable ecosystem, tied together and dependent on each other. The artistry of the design was crafted to spark inspiration for the artistry of cocktail creation. For an added dash of fun, find our signature six botanicals hidden throughout the design, teasing the flavors inside the bottle.

Feather & Folly Gin finds balance between merriment and mischief. Capturing the playful, curious spirit within us all.